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We pride ourselves in offering innovative and comprehensive solutions across a wide spectrum of environmental services encompassing environmental and social impact assessments, audits, processes, technologies in mitigating possible risks.

COMPANY portfolios

Our various business portfolios include Environmental and Social Risk Management Services, Ecosystem Planning and Management Services, Sustainability Services and Solid Waste Management Services.

Our Business Portfolio at Glance

  • Statutory Compliance and Management

    - Post Environmental Clearance &ndash Compliance Management

    - Construction Phase Environmental Management Program

    - Site EMP Implementation &ndash Monitoring and Supervision

    - Regulatory compliance audits

    - Environmental due diligence

    - Environmental Site Assessment (Phase-I, Phase-II ESA)

  • Sustainability Services <p>- Green Building Certification Services (IGBC, GRIHA, LEED, WELL)</p> <p>- Energy Modelling, Wind and Shadow Analysis for building designs</p> <p>- Land-use Planning and Solid Waste Management Programs</p> <p>- Heat Island Studies</p> <p>- Carbon Footprint Mapping, Offset, Reduction and mitigation projects</p> <p>- GHG Accounting, Verification</p>
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We have extensive experience of environmental risk assessment, compliance management and ecology and biodiversity management projects in Maharashtra and Gujarat state for Roadways.


BEIPL’s spectrum of clients includes Multilateral and Bilateral funding agencies such as KfW, IFC, World Bank, JICA, and ADB, Real Estate Developers, Industrial Estates Developers, Port and Jetty Developers.